i was able to play the game of friendship w/ normie str8 people for years of my life and i just assumed that it wasn’t one of those “use it or lose it” skills but after 9 months of queer cohabitation and the following summer being pretty much exclusively queer space or being alone in the dark, i can’t even pretend to know how to do it. i am just this sardonic fuck to get by in those interactions and everyone knows how unamused i am and how much i’m struggling with it and i feel guilty. these are my friends yknow? i mean i guess it’s not unwarranted hostility when i am acutely aware of the ways that my straight male friends are disrespecting me in ways that i hadn’t considered before. like for instance COULD YOU PLEASE CALL ME BY MY NAME? pronouns whatever but i’ve been trans as long as y’all have known me what makes you think i want to be referred to as a “girl” and i’ve been going by oliver for coming up on three years now. really. get it together. so yeah can you re-learn how to exist around straight people or am i stuck like this?